If there was one way to describe you, it would be health curious.

Or maybe you are frustrated....

If you are any of the above, this is the right place to be.

If there was one way to describe information you've come across, it would be kerjumbled.

Not everyone is explaining the 'why' behind certain symptoms or experiences. Doctor's don't necessarily tell you why they think your health status is related to xyz, and they are usually quick to give you the answer. Not even in a setting with a nutritionist are we able to explain 100% of the biochemical pathways to connect the dots between your health systems. Depending on the person, this can be a very difficult thing to put each (from dandruff to cholesterol) into laymen's terms. The goal is not to see each individually, but to see them and connect them together to uncover underlying causes, conditions or nutrient deficiencies.

What does every practitioner not know? Exactly what it feels like to live in your own body.

What we don't have as individuals? Guides to tracking and explaining exactly what it feels like to live in our bodies. Small physical experiences you may have are actually related to nutritional deficiencies, while many of us are lead to believe they are just variations of being human. The goal is to not eliminate them to achieve perfect health, but to understand how they all relate so we can track what we might be deficient in and take charge of those needs with our diet. It is no longer about fats, carbs, or protein, it is about what your body says you need. Right now I have a tiny white spot on my finger nail and my skin is breaking out, paying attention to that tells me that I need zinc. Instead of just blindly eating 'healthy foods', I know specifically to up seeds consumption. These are the clues that really tell us how we are fairing in life. Even things like stress or mood swings tell us we are lacking. Health is yours for the taking, so don't blindly consume what you think you need while secretly eyeing what you want. From now on, truly get to know your mind, body and goals so you can get exactly what you need so you can allow yourself moments of indulgence and satisfaction. This is the key to a relaxed and sustainable healthy life.

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If there is one way to describe me, it is health focused.

I live and breath it constantly. That does not mean I am 100% perfect with my diet and how I monitor my meals. It means that I keep tabs on my signs and symptoms, I don't follow protocols or subscribe to a serious supplement regimen unless I am not well. I can track what I need and decide by the day, week, month if I need to do anything extra or anything less.

It's been a long journey for me between getting better, getting worse and testing different systems in my body to see what true underlying causes have made me ill in the past. Backing up, we see a health history of hormonal imbalance, stress, mono, several debilitating viruses, candida, leaky gut, and paralyzing anxiety with depression. I healed myself with the help of some amazing nutritionists, friends, food and supplements.

In times of serious need, I always revert to clean and easily digestible food. Refined carbohydrates and added preservatives or chemicals have been some of the biggest agitators to my health in the past. Subscribing to a diet that is low in added sugar (even from natural sources) as well as a lifestyle low in toxins  (house cleaning products and beauty products) have helped me achieve higher mental clarity, happiness and success. When in doubt, always assess the color density and natural state of your food. Are you eating dark leafy greens? How about purple potatoes over high starch, white potatoes? Are you eating pale, tough chicken that has been processed for your convenience, or bright orange, wild caught salmon? Do you eat the same vegetable every day, or are you including a few different colors, textures and flavors? A collage of naturally occurring food is the key to achieving the range of nutrients your body needs to successfully function every day. Without them, we start to see small signs like our nails become brittle or we wake up more tired... eventually we have bigger problems and your body sets off the warning signal that it. has. had. enough. Big things, like heart attack, diabetes, PCOS, divorce (yes, even mood swings from deficiency can cause strain in your relationship).

How the A.K. Kitchen got started:

I was born and raised in Maryland. I have been interested in nutrition since high school but went to college to find myself through literature, philosophy, anthropology and mindfulness. This has driven me to mindfulness in a whole new level where I continue to learn how to live a conscious and conscientious life- which isn't always a clear path. Never truly seeing the path before you makes life so beautiful. The road to a healthy mind and healthy body has twists and turns along the way, sometimes they are unexpected. My ideas evolve frequently just like my dietary habits. I strive to minimize judgement and negative thoughts or feelings; because believe me, from the person I came from, this is difficult for me to practice and succeed. I believe in the power of logic and philosophy, I want to inspire myself and others to transcend who we are in this moment to be blissful and powerful in the next.

I completed my undergraduate college degree in 2014 from Goucher College. In the summer of 2015, I started my Master's in Clinical Nutrition at Maryland University of Integrative Health (formerly known as Tai Sophia). Along with my philosophy in life, I strive to look at every moment as a lesson to learn from. The circle of life is prevalent and I have found myself, many times, back where I once was before the lessons I have learned. There is synergy in who we were then and who we are now. My goal is to become wiser and stronger with every given moment, even in times of weakness. I want the same for everyone as we all deserve a chance at happiness and a sense of true self.

Along the way, I realized that we all have similar complaints about the healthcare we receive, and we all desire to be able to know what to do on our own. That is when I realized that we don't have one complete guide to tracking what our body says. Over the years of knowledge and experience, I have gotten quite good at listening to what my body say, but this took time and a lot of suffering. Along the way, I left behind many friendships and isolated myself to better understand who I am and what I felt was right or wrong with how I behaved. Then it dawned on me, some of the reasons why these friendships did not work out was because I was spending way too much time trying (but sometimes failing) to please others and not hear what I NEEDED. I was depleted, and therefore I could not show up for these people in my life. I lost many friends because I did not even show up for myself and my needs. I completed my master's in clinical nutrition and learned what it takes to heal and support my body, There are so many other people figuring things out as they go but the reality is that we don't have all the resources or educational materials like we should Quickly, my biggest goal in life became to focus on creating a spaced for specialized and quality  nutrition resource so we can figure out our simple needs without the expensive degree or months of uninformative doctor's visits. I want to gift you the opportunity for an easy transition into a healthy lifestyle that sticks for good.
Since completely my graduate degree, I have moved to Hudson, New York and began working alongside an amazing holistic healing space, Bodhi Holistic Spa and I have since opened my practice to see clients. For more information head to book an appointment or check out my current and upcoming services.